Thursday, April 26, 2007

Apocalypse : The Squad

Many noticed the sudden withdraw of Apocalypse from the battlefield, aside from the few weeks of Chaos Horror which is one of the reasons why we got sick of going online is because we talked about the limits of our members. Currently, Apocalypse is standing on a Squad Line, most of the sieges are done with almost 12 members online and sieging, few Apoc would catch up with us and join us after an hour of breaking agits. But most of the time we only have the 12 of us defending and breaking the emp, you might think it sounds funny because a guild with only 12 members are still capable of defending its agits from four waves of guilds. GG diba? We standed on the line " PURE QUALITY " as it was said, we define them, and i can say that with pride. Only one wizard most of the time, and two high priest and still fighting two Guilds!!
Eversince we cancelled our Alliance with Godsmack, many people expected us to be nothing and erased from chaos history, but this is just the beginning, we are preparing for something greater Apocalypse will have on its comeback. We practiced a lot of party sieges and the discipline of Apoc members are truly unmatched. Some may think trashtalking is an act of childish and undisciplined member, but i guess we cant help to encounter those kind of people, i dont control the mouths of my members, they are born and shaped to become an Apocalypse, and only we can do that. Alliance and Armada was kind and a true brother guild until the end, they offered us help that we least expected, when we thought they left us out of the scene. When we though Bloodpact is over and so is the alliance. But they proved it wrong, for the great evil mask to stand up once again after the continous fall from every controversy, they will bow down once more.
Now that we are sieging on our friend guilds, many thought we are dead along with our emblem, you are wrong. We will make a comeback Loki and Chaos will never forget. And it will be the scars on each of their emblems, the burning eye of death brought upon by the deadliest and most hated guild in chaos, Apocalypse.