Monday, August 11, 2008

Anime Spotlight : Black Cat

Black Cat, is an Anime created by Kentaro Yabuki; one of my favorite Anime of all time! You won't get enough of the thrill and excitement in every episode and page, manga or anime itself!
It tells a story of an infamous assassin named Black Cat, an Eraser; no. XIII of the Chronos Numbers. Train Heartnet, wanted to be free from the commandment of a secret organization named Chronos, inspired by Minatsuki Saya, a sweeper who showed him the wonders of Freedom and Dignity.
In the Manga, the story begins when Train have already left the Chronos and lived as a Sweeper with his partner Sven Vollfied. They met Eve, a nanomachine weapon who can transform herself into anything she desires. They soon bumped with Rinslet Walker, a high class thief; after this event things became complicated and then soon they found themselves in the middle of an epic war between the Chronos Numbers and Apostles of the Stars.
Haunted by his past, Train Heartnet finds a way to resolve his grudge against his ex-partner Creed Diskence, an Eraser for Chronos but soon raised his own army and named them Apostles of the Stars. Meeting his past comrades in pursue of peace and freeing himself from the death of Saya, Train and his companions finds a way to defeat the "Tao" users and Nanomachine Warriors.
In some parts as you watch the anime or read the manga, you'll notice how attracted and how obsessed Creed is to Train, he would rather kill anyone who disrespects the Black Cat's name in front of him, I personally think he's so gay haha!
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"I came to deliver your Bad Luck" -Train Heartnet, Black Cat No.XIII