Friday, November 16, 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed! >:)

When I first joined SOTR, feedbacks from my old comrades in Apocalypse would suggest that I should join Armada instead. I can't deny the fact that SOTR was indeed very popular when it comes to the Duping Issue, where most Chaos players and Baldur gamers blame to be the very reason why the underground market and Baldur's market plunged into a devastating fall. As a former Guildmaster of Apocalypse, I won't lie to speak that sometime ago I used to hate SotR :)) I despise them so much that whenever we see SOTR inside the PVP we'd automatically kill him/her whoever he is. Hahaha!!! We'd call them weaklings and talentless, but the truth is... I don't even have any Idea if it's true or not.

Legokidd, when I first met this wacky Guildmaster of Sustainers i was shocked, I expected him to be someone like kuya Lou and Kuya Kebs, wtf he's just around my age bracket! Billiards was our first encounter hahah! I didn't attempt to play with him ang galing kasi nia my nimble gloves pa syang dala at my rosary pa ung slotted haha!!! =)) After that meeting sometime passed and I quitted RO to fix a few bugs in my life, I was always updated on RO happenings because of Lene and her beu Basty. When I decided to come back to pRO I saw no one from our tambayan, to make the story short inampon ako ni Lego haha! because wala naman akong pagsisiege-an i decided to try sieging under Sustainers of the Realm, I used my clown for my first day. *~kikoy~* was welcomed warmly by the SOTR family, err hindi ata nila alam na babae my ari nun haha! :)) and since my best RO bud was there, gaining new friends was not hard to do in SotR, dahil pare parehas kmi halos ng interests... PVP. hahah! I never knew the PVP Addict Sustainer of the Realm, ang nakilala ko nuong panahon ng Apocalypse is Sotr, the Duper. hahaha!!!

Now, as I siege almost all my 3 accounts under Sustainer of the Realm, I started knowing Suste more and more and somehow I started loving them as my new family. I started knowing people whom I used to trashtalk during Apoc/Espylacopa PVP days haha!!! Although I don't really get it why do they call ALL SotR Dupers, I mean frankly speaking I don't Dupe and I don't really have any Idea how to Dupe haha! Same goes to some na tinatawag ding Duper =)) pero who cares? It's just a freakin game and were supposed to have fun. Don't take everything to seriously haha!

Bottomline is, never judge a Guild unless you've become part of them and you've finally got to know them beneath the emblem, the flag and beneath the RO avatars. You'll never know whom you'd end up to in the end, you'll eat everything up in the end. As of now, I'm very happy staying with Sustainers and I'm not affected by the discrimination that CLEAN people have been throwing into us ( been there during Apocalypse days )

As for Sustainers na nagbabasa nito, hope to get to know you guys more. Hope to bond with you more, and I hope we'd be having the fun and the excitement of Siege forever haha. Ang sarap magsiege sa Guild na pinag iinitan ng buong Baldur! /gg

See you sa Puerto SOTR family /kis