Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anime Spotlight : One Piece

Pirates have always been just a fantasy for most of us when we where on our youngest years, dreaming of adventuring in the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig biiiiiiiiiiiig sea! A mangaka also had this dream! and he made it all come true through his anime, it was titled One Piece! A pirate's tale on his search for the One Piece and to become the Pirate King along with his loyal and funny Crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.
Each of them with an unusual talent and fate binded them all together, the Straw Hat Pirates became one of the Grand Lines youngest and most notorious rookie pirates to have invaded Impel Down and even destroyed a number of Shicibukai *they are the Elite Pirates recognized by the World Government*.

Their Captain is named Monkey D. Luffy; a descendant (i think) or a relative of the Pirate King Gold D. Roger; having accidentally eaten the Gomu Gomu Fruit; a Devil Fruit which gives the person the ability to stretch any part of his body but in exchange they can't swim; it also goes to all devil fruit users. His dream was to become the Pirate King and to finish the legend of the One Piece, starting his journey with only a Boat; he ventured the seas taking flags of pirate ships that he defeats all by himself barehanded lol. On his journey he met the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zorro whom he saved from a bunch of Marines in a small town; a swordsman as his First Mate. And then they met Nami; the Pirate Thief. Next stop and they met Sanji, the Cook (we'll he's the cook you would want to be in your resto because he can really kick ASS!). Next is Ussop, the Sniper (he more looks like Pinocchio. @.@) because of his weird long nose. Next was Tony Tony Chopper; another devil fruit user but he was an animal first, so he can transform into 7 different types, he was the Doctor. when they entered the Grand Line they met Nico Robin, one of the youngest most wanted criminals in Grand Line (at a very young age having the bounty of 30billion? if im mistaken please correct me) who also ate a Devil Fruit. During their travels they rode on one ship that was so beloved to them, The Going Merry; it was given by someone very close to Ussop (i think it's his girlfriend lol). That time Going Merry needs to be fixed so they stopped at this island who makes ships and fixes them. There they met Franky, a Cyborg man; who wears nothing but his polo shirt and his trunks. wtf. In this episode they have to give up Going Merry because she has reached her limit in navigating the seas of the Grand Line. It was the saddest episode I was crying too when I read it on Manga. T_T *sob*and so Franky became their mechanic and also made their new ship The Thousand Sunny (am i right?!) which has so many features. anyway I'm not gonna tell the whole story so that you guys will read it! lol. they have their last crew member and believe me you will laugh yourself into reading this manga.

Their Story is still not over and its still up and running until now; i think it's one of the longest running manga until now. I can't wait to read the new updates on Impel Down! dammmnnnn please let there be new updates now....

So If you guys wanna see a whole bunch of laughs and out of this world fights and weird abilities I suggest you read One Piece; it's really gonna make your imagination float.

*This anime was Inspired by Dragon Balls according to the mangaka himself. It was also inspired by a few famous pop icons like Micheal Jackson and others (you'll see someone who's exactly like him lol once you read the manga)