Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Good and Bad Times

2002-2007, the only Guild to gain ultimate respect in Chaos without Godlikes or anything, just pure talent and unbreakable unity. It all started in this guild, with e-shotz, aKaH, SaiHa and Jeff ( my 1st Apoc Guild ) where all those unforgettable memories of my MMORPG world began. I never found another guild worth all the memories I had in those 4-5 years of friendship, they became my family, my life, my bestfriends through good and bad times. Through hack and hack delete and Ban's, through Guild Wars and PVP Wars and Sieges, through Gimik's and Outings. The bond that we had was sweet and worth remembering, the Espylacopa days, the reign of Apoc All-Stars in the PVP. The undefeated batch of Lep, Professor-DY, CIndy, Bangski, Iron-BOB, Shimmer*, Nasty~Paolo, Mighty Pututuy, MaHaRoT, chukubu and all the Apoc PVP Addicts. I'll never forget the moments we shared and laughed about, even if we never cross paths together again, you guys will forever be my guildmates and my family, just like what Bob said our motto was... Our Story Never Ends...

Cleopatra Anshari
A memory of the dying Apocalypse, the name I will forever cherish. With her the end of days were bitter and sweet. I learned so many lessons when I became Guildmaster. So many things are waiting to be known, and yet I learned to hold on to the last drop of hope to revive our dying legacy. But fate showed me that our time is done, we where the most talked about guild in all of Chaos History, our painful disband broke my heart. But look at us now, all matured and confident...

With him, the PVP world was never sweeter again. All the punks can kiss all their PVP kingdom goodbye, do not use this character if you're not ready to face fierce anger from Bozanian Beastfighters( hahaha BWING USERS! LOSERS! L:-) )

BTA Team
The best BTA Team in the world! No one can make the most fitted BTA Majesty in pRO but US! The laughters and the hard times we had was worth the cash.
Daniel, the walking BTA encyclopedia, all of the advices you gave me was worth taking the shot. You could be the best adviser anyone can have, hey you can take that as a job man!
Lene, my best girl! you never left me out when I was so low and down, you were the only one to know me better; and all those memories we had together will be here in my heart and I'm so thankful that even up to now we remained friends.
Dens and Cha, my bebe and bebe's bebe; you two are unique friends that I won't give up even if MMORPG runs out! I love you both!
, wala akong masabi sau kundi pak u haha! You've been very nice to me ^__^ take care of Lene ha!
Our fans, thank you sa pagsuporta nio sa BTA Team namin... kung meron pang BTA itutuloy talaga namin un.. kaso bulok na RO at ang jojologs na ng prizes ngaun XD

Sustainer of the Realm
I came back to sieging and I wanted to siege on a Chaos guild, to see that there was Armada and SOTR, I chose SoTR, why? Armada is allied with Bozanian Beastfighter. That's just the plain main reason why... And who cares about the dupe issue? everyone wears dupes. :)) Thanks for the friends this guild gave me, and for the PVP memories I had in Baldur era... Even if until now that I will be quitting, I stand as a member of Legokidd's guild, I won't be changing guilds anymore. Thank you for the outing and the Poker sessions mga dupers... ^_^

Reminiscing all these memories sometimes makes me smile, and somehow makes me feel sad to think why is there a goodbye in everything, I just hope all the people that I met through Ragnarok Online will forever stay the same, we'll all be friends forever right? even If most of you guys have babies now :))

Credits to :
Dens for providing me the BTA team screenshots
Windows Media Player for providing music :D