Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DOTA : Nerubian Weaver II

My first post focused on the Buriza type Nerubian Weaver. But, now at 6.52, using Buriza instead of Monkey King Bar on Nerubian Weaver just might be another big mistake for you. I noticed it when I used MKB on Nerubian Weaver now, his attack speed is much more higher + the stun and the increased damage, making him more of a Damager type than the Damager-Buriza type.

Buriza does not add attack speed to Nerubian Weaver anymore, don't you personally think that attack speed is better than higher damage at first, of course when you're with the proper items Nerubian Weaver can have both super speed and super damage.

I prefer the following items as the right ones for Nerubian Weaver:

Basically when you're just starting on the game, you'd better be careful on who's your lane opponent. Avoid Nukers as much as possible, and DONT DIE at the First Levels. I usually buy two Slippers of Agility first and some Ancient Tango. Keep last hitting on the creeps to gain more exp and gold too. Good Timing is what you really need when using this hero, because it's up to you which one of the skills you'd focus on, but mainly Germinate Attack and Shukuchi are always the option. When you've earn enough gold immediately buy the Ring of Health and focus on making the Vanguard first, you'll be needing extra help from that item because you're always low on HP and very fragile.
If you're enemy buys a Gem, beware. Ask your teammates to kill first the Gem Holder, because once a Gem holder does not die, your team will be minus one hero, You. Stunners will be focusing on you so forming Linken Sphere is my second priority, well it's up to you if you wish to hold the Butterfly first. But with Linken, you get fast regeneration rate too.
After you've made the first items needed to help you increase your HP, you can then focus on becoming the killer type, Butterfly + MKB. Just make sure you know how to handle Nerubian Weaver, because in a noobies hand, Nerubian Weaver is just another creep to feed the enemy. ^^

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