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DOTA : Razor - The Lightning Revenant

Razor is seen mostly running around in pub games as he is a very newb-friendly hero and versatile hero. Most people probably have picked Razor as their first hero because of how newb-friendly he is. However,most newbies do not know of Razor's true role as a DPS and a carry hero. The majority of people do not know the correct way to play Razor or how to properly farm with him. By reading this guide, you will learn how to truly play Razor. Before I started playing Cabal Online, I wasted my DOTA days in the hands of this special type of Hero, with him I gained the continuous Triple Kills and Godlikes! yeah! That is, If you know what Razor's real purpose is and how to use him against your enemies.

Razor is lightning incarnate. It is a living being, capable only of unleashing its tremendous electrical power to anything and everything nearby. The only indication of sentience from it is its ability to control its surges, which never seems to actually strike any it would call friends. Like its namesake, it cuts to the bone, with speed and accuracy, sometimes jumping from one thing to another. Its unnatural form gives it speed, and a thirst for blood. It is a force to be reckoned with, and only the strong dare face it.
Range: 550 | Move Speed: 295
Primary: AGI
Str: 17 + 1.9 | Agi: 22 + 2.5 | Int: 14 + 1.8

Damage: 45 - 47 | HP: 473 | Mana: 182
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.57

Attack Speed: 1.33 | Armor: 2

· Unbelievable attack speed
· Insane Movement Speed
· Perfect Late game hero (if dressed with the best items)
· Godlike Hero Killer (unmatched speed on one on one *no disables tho)


· Item Dependent ( he will become the dream hero if you know how to use him )
· weak on early game ( low hp )
· Instant death when disabled ( Stun, Net, Vodoo...)


Increases attack speed for 20 seconds, at the cost of taking additional damage.
Note: I do not personally use this type of skill, but i add it up on the late games when I already achieved all skills. But this is good against one on one and tower attacks. But i don't agree that it's much helpful during clash. It makes razor more vulnerable since he will always be the disablers target.

Level 1 - 25% increase, 5% damage taken increase.
Level 2 - 50% increase, 10% damage taken increase.
Level 3 - 75% increase, 15% damage taken increase.
Level 4 - 100% increase, 20% damage taken increase.
Mana Cost: 80/ 90/ 110/ 130
Cooldown: 40 Seconds

Hurls a bolt of damaging lightning at a target enemy that jumps to nearby enemies. Each jump deals less damage.
Note: your early and only nuke, very effective to low HP like naix and mortred can be a finisher due to insane range and a constant harassing skill.

Level 1 - 75 damage, jumps 3 times.
Level 2 - 150 damage, jumps 5 times.
Level 3 - 225 damage, jumps 7 times.
Level 4 - 300 damage, jumps 9 times.
Mana Cost: 90/ 105/ 125/ 145
Cooldown: 11 seconds

Increases the movement speed and life regeneration rate of Razor.
Unholy Fervor is basically a free ring of Regeneration and a Yasha combined together. This is Razor's source of regeneration early game and sadly, his only escape mechanism.

Level 1 - 3% movement, 0.5 HP/ sec regeneration bonus.
Level 2 - 5% movement, 1 HP/ sec regeneration bonus.
Level 3 - 8% movement, 1.5 HP/ sec regeneration bonus.
Level 4 - 10% movement, 2 HP/ sec regeneration bonus.

Summons a storm that permenantly follows Razor. Every few seconds, it strikes Razor's enemies within 500 AoE with savage lightning bolts.
Notes: Storm Seeker is Razor's signature skill. Although I'd only rate it average for an ultimate, it is still great for farming and other things such as extra damage over time or killing that pesky Sand King inside his Sand storm. I have also liked this skill a lot because it's one of the most helpful last HP KILLERS haha! Just follow the god forsaken dying enemy and he's dead without you laying a finger on him LOL.

Level 1 - Deals 60 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 90 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 120 damage.

Skill Build:

1. Unholy Fervor
2. Chain Lightning
3. Chain Lightning
4. Unholy Fervor
5. Chain Lightning
6. Storm Seeker
7. Chain Lightning
8. Unholy Fervor
9. Unholy Fervor

10. Frenzy
11. Storm Seeker
12. Frenzy

13. Frenzy

14. Frenzy

15. Stats

16. Storm Seeker

17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats

21. Stats

22. Stats

23. Stats

24. Stats

25. Stats


1. Creep Blocking

Get in front of your creeps. You should stand between your tier 2 and tier 3 towers before the creeps spawn at 2:00 (1:30 if it's non -ap). Once you're in front of your creeps. Press "H" for the hold command, walk forward, and repeat. This process will cause the creeps to fumble and fall behind. What's the point of creep blocking? The point to creep blocking is that you will be closer to your tower. That means you have protection and you gain more gold and experience at the same time.

2. Last Hitting and Denying

Use the command -di or -showcs so you know how many last hits and denies you've gotten. NEVER auto attack the creeps. Just hang around until you see a low hp creep that can be denied or last hit. If it's an enemy creep, then just right click it once it's low enough. If it's your creep, then once's it's low enough just press "a" and click on it to deny it. A successfully denied creep will have a "!" in your color above its corpse.

3. Razor's Attack Animation

The lightning effect from Razor's animation is only a cosmetic effect. It looks like Finger of Death or Dagon. If you look closely below, Razor's real projectile is a little ball that hits after the cosmetic effect is over. The cosmetic effect begins when Razor winds up his wand and ends when the wand is swung down.
Some people may think it's a good idea, but I disagree with canceling Razor's attack animation. Here are a couple reasons why. The real projectile in Razor's attack comes near the end of his animation, making it harder to cancel it and it's not worth it because it's already near the end. Canceling animation without an orb effect will only draw creeps to you because you're sending the attack command. Although many people think it does, animation canceling does not allow you to attack any faster. You will still attack at the same rate only you can chase better early game and this may confuse you as to when Razor's attack animation should have ended and when you can attack again. Also, once you have insane attack speed with Frenzy turned on, it's not possible to cancel the animation of every attack and will only slow your attacks.

4. Creep Pulling

Right click on your enemy hero to send an attack command. This way, his creeps will be forced to defend them and come to attack you. You will be on the other side of the creep wave when this happens so this causes the creeps to be pulled closer to your tower. And you know that means that you'll get more experience and gold since last hitting and denying will be easier.

You can also attack and lure the neutral camp next to your lane and pull your creeps to them. This way, you get more experience while your enemies get no experience or gold from the pulled creeps

This may take a while to load.

Here's an example of a well executed creep pull. Begin attacking neutral creeps when your creep wave is halfway in between tier 1 and tier 2 bottom towers. Your creep waves spawn at XX:00 and XX:30 while the neutral camps spawn at XX:00. Use your creeps to tank the hits while you get experience and gold from the neutral camps.

5. Lane Partners

Because Razor is a carry hero, he will be a target for ganks. One way to prevent this from happening is to lane with a babysitter. Babysitters include heroes such as Warlock, Dazzle, Necrolyte, Abbadon, or Omniknight. All of these heroes can either shield you or heal you. Warlock has Shadow Word which can heal you for 320 over 8 seconds (basically a Healing Salve). Dazzle has Shadow Wave which can heal multiple targets for 140 damage while dissipating the same amount to nearby enemies. Necrolyte's Death Pulse heals allies for 130 and damages nearby enemies for 275. Abbadon has Aphotic Shield which can absorb 175 damage and Death Coil which can heal for 250 health. Omniknight's Purification heals for 360 and can Repel magic for 5-20 seconds.


Anyone can tell that by the stats and build of Razor, early game is a hard start for him (but the storm seeker skill will help a lot in your farming tho) Somehow I found StormSeeker to be that much helpful, the Razor Build that I will show to you is my personal Razor build and also some came through research.

Sange and Yasha

Sange and Yasha is good for the movement speed, damage, and attack speed. Sange and Yasha is still effective for chasing because of the movement speed and with the maim. Maim, is a big help especially since you don't have any disabling skills against heroes. It slows them down to death (dont forget how many hits can you make with your unbelievable attack speed)

Boots of Travel

Here enters the point wherein you will need movement speed, when running away from the enemy or pawning the enemy using nothing but your storm seeker skill (which is passive). The point is, when your out of mana but still can fight or follow your dying enemy, it's a big advantage to have fast moving speed to either run away or pawn the bleeding to death hero.

The Butterfly

+30% Evasion
+30 Damage
+30% Increased Attack Speed
+30 Agility

So, the Butterfly gives a total of 30% evasion, 60 damage, 60% increased attack speed, and 4.28 armor. It gives us everything we need.

Black King Bar

This handy little stick will stop all of those pesky nukes and disables.


Mjollnir is a nice luxury item. 70 damage, 35% IAS, 5 armor, 20% chance to release a 200 damage Chain Lightning along with a 200 damage Static Field having a 20% chance to trigger when struck is all good for end game combat. If you get a Mjollnir, then don't get Helm of the Dominator. The orb effects don't stack. If you do get this with Helm of the Dominator/Satanic thenyou'll only be getting it for the bonus stats and the Static Field charge.

Manta Style

This is one of my Personal FAVORITES! with Manta Style you gain a lot of help from being backstabbed and Pawning a solo backstabber or hunting heroes. With the 2 illusions of yourself that deals 40% damage and takes 300% damage 20 second duration, 70 second cooldown, 165 Mana Cost you avoid being found who and where are you in the 3 Razors attacking the enemy at the same time and heres another happy tip : Storm Seeker's damage is not divided by 3 (3 of you including the 2 illusions made by the manta) so you'll have your counter attack even if you are stunned. x3 StormSeeker will make your enemy bleed to death!! XD

Those items are my personal build for Razor, i dunno about the others. This build has been used in almost all of my dota games when Razor is being used. I hate fighting my favorite hero, when razor is chosen, I'd counter with Raigor haha! I hate fighting my favorites T_T


Eye of Skadi

Skadi is just an all-around nice item because it gives you survivability and a frost attack. It's also good because it won't count as an orb effect. This means that Eye of Skadi will stack with Helm of the Dominator's lifesteal giving you lifesteal and a frost attack.

Fun fact: Eye of Skadi + Sange and Yasha will remove the cosmetic effect of your animation but the problem is you'll have two orb effects and two buff placers with Helm of the Dominator in the same build but only the Eye of Skadi and lifesteal will work. If you leave out the Helm of the Dominator you won't lifesteal anymore but it makes it possible to maim and have Eye of Skadi's frost attack slowing people.


Radiance is always nice. It's very cheap for a tier 4 item (5325), 8% evasion is nice and so is the +60 damage. I put Radiance in here as an alternative item in the build. So if you want to skip the core and rush Radiance like some people do, then do so. Radiance is very effective early-mid game and will help you farm and give you more lane control when you have Boots of Travels. Radiance will also make a good combo with Manta Style : x3 immolition damage + x3 Storm Seeker = Yeah you can pawn small HP heroes just by staying still LOL.

Monkey King Bar

Monkey King Bar is a good luxury item after our core build since it provides a nice boost to damage and a minor boost to attack speed. Monkey King Bar's mini-stun isn't bad either and is where most of its damage comes from.If you don't need evasion or feel that Frenzy and your base IAS from Agility is enough attack speed then you should get MKB since it's a good synergy with your critical strikes and lifesteal.

Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass is also very good. It gives you the attack speed and armor you need while providing some for your teammates. Assault Cuirass is also good for the armor reduction against your enemies. I consider Assault Cuirass as a luxury item since it does not give direct damage or as much IAS as The Butterfly would give.


Satanic is a good item if you already have a Helm of the Dominator. You'll have 25% lifesteal with Satanic and once you activate it, you'll get another 15% lifesteal and 30 bonus damage.

There's the few alternative items you can Dress to Kill your Razor, But exploring more items will be more fun huh? I haven't seen the Manta Style Razor in some guides tho'. I hope this guide helped you Dota Players and will continue to read more of my guides ^_^ Oh and don't ever forget the only Rule you have to put into your head when playing with any hero.

AVOID DYING on early games.

that's one of the many secrets of fast gold farming and clean records!

See you again on my next guide! ciao!

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